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How to Unlock Password Protected PDF files

In the below steps, you will be learning the way by which you can remove up the passwords from PDF and all that with Google Chrome.

Steps To Remove Password from PDF Files:

1. First of all, you will have to open up the password protected PDF file on your Google Chrome Web browser. You can do that by just dragging and dropping the file to the Chrome browser. Enter up the password for the file and then open it up on the browser itself.

2. From the “File” menu of the Google Chrome go to the “Print” option and then select it up. This will be used to print out the file but in general, we won’t be printing it up in real. You can also simply use the key combination of “Ctrl + p” if you want.

Remove Password from PDF Files

3. You will be then prompted with a dialogue box, and from there you just have to select up from the options “Save as PDF” and then click on the Save button. Now the thing that you will have to remember is that you will have to check up the option that says “Save to Google Drive” before you press the save button.

Remove Password from PDF Files

4. After all that your file will be uploaded to the Google Drive, and it can be downloaded from there. Just download the file from there and your will find that the PDF file password has been removed. You can now open up the file easily without any password.

Using Online Tools:

There are some of the online websites that provide up with the online tools that can quickly help you unlock your PDF files. Some of these online sites include ‘‘,‘. You can try to use these tools if you want to unlock your files instantly on the internet and not want to download any third party application for that very purpose.

The method is very simple, and you won’t have to go through multiple processes so as to completely remove the password encryption from the PDF files

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